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Navigating the Complex Journey of Infertility, Postpartum and Motherhood

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A Blog for Women Who Are About to Have a Baby, Are Trying to Have a Baby, or Recently Had a Baby.

I am both infertile and a new, first time mom. I was naïve to the struggles of infertility until I was in the thick of it, and through the excitement of getting pregnant after struggling with infertility, I didn’t think to prepare myself for how truly difficult motherhood can be. Follow my unfiltered story of infertility, postpartum and motherhood, as well as all that I have learned and am still learning, so that you can be more prepared to navigate your own journey. You are not alone so let’s walk this road together!

About Me

Who am I? I am more than just my infertility and I am more than just a mother. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I have created this blog for you all.

Becoming a Parent

I knew being a parent would be hard but I never prepared for how difficult it truly is. I’d like to help you mental prepare for the abrupt transition into parenthood.

Preparing for Baby


Learn from my experience and see what I wish I had done differently to prepare for my baby as a first time parent.

Help with Sleep

There’s more to a newborn’s sleep than just “the baby is awake and crying.” Knowing what to expect with some tips might help you get more sleep or at least prepare for lack of sleep.

My Infertility Journey

Learn about my struggles with infertility, my rare Unicornuate Uterus condition, and how I made it through. Plus, what I believe helped me fall pregnant naturally without any gimmicks.

Fed is Best


Feeding your baby rarely comes naturally. I share my breastfeeding journey and 10 things I wish I’d known before it started.

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Get in Touch

Have questions for me? Reach out! I am an open book.

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